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We call this model the Origin because it was the first Triad Guitars pickup design. The goal was to build a pickup that can bridge the gap between single coils and humbuckers. We’ve definitely succeeded based on feedback we receive from players.

Available in a bridge and neck set or individually in 6, 7 or 8 string configurations. All our humbuckers can be customized for pole spacing, pickup angle (for multiscale instruments), and the bobbins are made from your choice of woods.


Magnet type - Alnico 5, bridge and neck

Bridge resistance approx. 8.1k*

Neck resistance approx. 7.2k*

*Resistance is an approximate indicator of output but is dependant on temperature and the gauge of magnet wire used in the pickup. The only way to know how a pickup will sound is to play and listen to it.